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If you want to take one of my trainings or have an insite or online training for your company, contact me; if you are in Latin America you can also check ITMaster website.

Featured trainings

Learn how to use unique aspects of HTML5 to create mobile websites and apps on multiple device platforms. In this video course, Max Firtman (Programming the Mobile Web) shows you how to work with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and tools for mobile devices, such as emulators. You’ll learn about different screen sizes and resolutions, sensors and hardware, form design, testing and debugging, and other facets of mobile design and development.

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Build web apps that take can advantage of features such as the camera, accelerometer, address book, and GPS in iOS, Android, and other devices. With this video course, mobile and web developer Max Firtman shows you how to extend your HTML, CSS, and Javascript code to work with native devices, using Apache Cordova and Adobe’s free PhoneGap framework.

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Onsite trainings

Since 2001, I've been delivering technical on-site training to more than 5,000 professionals freelancers and companies, including top-level companies, such as Intel, Apple, Google, Yahoo!, Cisco, PayPal (eBay), Comcast, Turner, Merryl Lynch/Bank of America, Network Solutions, MercadoLibre, Nokia, Motorola, HP, LinkedIn and Invesco. In US-based trainings I keep an average student rating of 9.4+/10 after more than 40 trainings delivered on these companies. Here you can find some student testimonials.

Desde 2001 que proveo servicios de capacitación presencial a más de 5.000 profesionales freelance y de empresas de primer nivel, tanto a nivel latinoamericano como en Estados Unidos, como Intel, Apple, Google, Yahoo!, PayPal (eBay), Bank of America, MercadoLibre, Cisco, HP, LinkedIn, Nokia, Motorola, Google, La Nación, Clarín, Infobae, El Tiempo Colombia y Network solutions. El rating promedio luego de más de 40 entrenamientos dictados en estas empresas es de 9.3+/10. Aquí también puedes encontrar algunos testimonios de mis estudiantes.
Fui profesor titular de institutos privados y de universidad públicas, como la UTN (Universidad Tecnológica Nacional) en tecnologías web. En Argentina doy clases y dirigo académicamente el instituto ITMaster Academy.

English online trainings

Check the talks section for free onsite trainings and conferences recordings.

Spanish online trainings - Cursos online en español

Verifica la sección de conferencias para grabaciones y videos gratis de conferencias ya dictadas.

Current Trainings:

  • Mobile HTML5
  • iOS development with Objective-C and Swift
  • Android development
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Mobile Web development
  • PhoneGap/Apache Cordova development
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Web Performance Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Node.js
  • Webapps
  • Android Studio for Designers
  • Xcode for Designers

Deprecated Trainings:

  • ASP.NET 4.0 Initial / Advanced
  • Adobe Flex 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0
  • Adobe AIR
  • Symbian development
  • Java ME
  • Windows Mobile development
  • Classic ASP
  • Mobile game development
  • AJAX and RIA development
  • JavaScript Initial / Advanced
  • C# and Visual Basic
  • SQL and Database design
  • Web Security
  • PHP Advanced