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Hi! I'm Maximiliano (Max is fine). I work in mobile+web doing development & consulting, book writing, training and public speaking.You can follow me on twitter at @firt.

I'm the author of several books with more than 12 translations available in different languages, including:

I've been doing technical trainings since 2001 for small and big companies, such as Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, PayPal, Intel, Cisco, HP, Turner, eBay, Comcast, Intuit, Network Solutions, MercadoLibre and open trainings for The New Circle (formerly Marakana), video2brain by, O'Reilly Media and ITMaster Academy.

My online available projects are:

I do many public speaking appearences in United States, Europe and Latin America. I've founded two user groups: ARFUG -official Adobe User Group- and Mobile Argentina; and I've organized lot of events in the last years, including MobileCamp and Adobe en Vivo Argentina. I've been Nokia Developer Champion from 2006 to 2014, Adobe Community Champion from 2011 to 2015, BlackBerry Elite developer from 2012 to 2014 and IE User Agent on 2013-2014.

I'm based in Buenos Aires, Argentina and been doing web development in 1995 using edit from the DOS command-line; I've started with mobile development in 2000 creating apps in WML for the first mobile browsers, followed by a infinite serie of native languages and platforms: Palm OS, Java ME, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iOS, Android, Flash platform, BlackBerry, Windows Phone & more.

In more than 18 years working as a professional, I've founded several companies including Netace studio -a web design & development company-, Entupalma -currently my mobile development company- and ITMaster Academy. I've created some other mobile projects, including MobileDevSearch, Truco -the first multiplayer Java ME in the region-, Como Voy -a public transport guide for Nokia devices-, Widgen -a mobile widget generator-. In the beginning of this millenium, I've worked on some TV shows in Argentina about Internet and programming, including Webmasters TV. During several years I've also worked for a printed magazine for developers -.CODE- writing articles, doing technical review, doing interviews and defining summaries and hot topics.

I've graduated from CAECE University in a Computer System degree, after graduating from ORT Institute as computer analyst. I've also studied some years in Buenos Aires University in Computer Science. I've worked for some universities as a professor, including UTN University -National Technological University-, ITMaster Academy, and Image Campus (professor & training director).

I've received the following awards and honors from the community:

  • Adobe Community Champion, in 2011 & 2012 renewed until 2015, a recognition program to top worldwide professionals working for the community
  • Public Recognition from Google at DevFest 2010 as one of the top developers in the region
  • Nokia Developer Champion (formerly Forum Nokia Champion), in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, a recognition program to top worldwide mobile developers
  • BlackBerry Elite developer in 2012
  • Microsoft's Internet Explorer User Agent, in 2013
  • Finalist of Sadosky 2007, a prize in Argentina for intelligence applied to IT.
  • MIDP Programming Challenge (3P) for the game Truco in 2003 organized by Nokia and ITBA University.
  • Best Speaker in ExpoInternet 2001
  • Gold @, for an institutional website in 1997

Here you will find some interviews to myself and some random videos & articles found on the web.

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